King’s Raid Tier List 2019

In this short article, we are going to show you our King’s Raid rate listing of all the most effective personalities in the game as well as help you make the right option when it concerns buying new heroes because you will need just the very best heroes in your group!

We will inform you what the heroes are all good for, and considering that you will certainly be looking for both PvE as well as PvP heroes, we will tell you specifically what the benefits of each of them are! However, prior to we start, you ought to head on to have a look at our game overview to find out all that you need to recognize in order to get even more powerful! So, are you prepared for the King’s Raid rate list? Let’s not lose additional time and also dive right into it!

King’s Raid Rate List

There are several devices that are not top-tier in this listing are still can be used in a lot of circumstances. You need to always prioritize that you enjoy playing the game.

King’s Raid (Best Archers for PvE)

S Tier Zafir
A Tier Requina, Luna, Selene, Yuria
B Tier Arch, Dimael, Shamilla
C Tier Yanne

King’s Raid  (Best Archers for PvP)

S Tier Requina, Yuria
A Tier Dimael, Zafie
B Tier Arch, Luna, Shamilla
C Tier Selene, Yanne

King’s Raid (Best Assassins for PvE)

S Tier Erze, Epis
A Tier Ezekiel, Mirianne, Laudia
B Tier Nia, Reina, Tanya
C Tier Roi, Gladi, Fluss

King’s Raid (Best Mechanics for PvE)

A Tier Lakrak, Miruru
B Tier Oddy, Kara
C Tier Mitra, Rodina, Crow

King’s Raid (Best Mechanics for PvP)

A Tier Kara, Lakrak, Annette
B Tier Chrisha, Crow
C Tier Oddy, Mitra, Rodina

King’s Raid (Best Priests for PvE)

A Tier Kaulah, Laias, Lavril
B Tier Lucias, Shea
C Tier Baudouin, Cassandra, Leo, May

King’s Raid (Best Priests for PvP)

S Tier Leo, Rephy, Cassandra
A Tier Baudouin, Juno, Lucias,
B Tier Laias, Mediana, Shea
C Tier Frey, Kaulah, Lavril, May

King’s Raid  (Best Warriors for PvE)

S Tier Gau, Theo, Viska
A Tier Chase, Kasel, Naila, Seria, Priscilla, Bernheim
B Tier Nicky
C Tier Scarlet

King’s Raid  (Best Warriors for PvP)

S Tier Scarlet, Chase, Bernheim
A Tier Gau, Kasel, Naila, Viska, Seria
B Tier Priscilla
C Tier Theo, Nicky

King’s Raid (Best Wizards for PvE)

S Tier Artemia, Cleo, Nyx
A Tier Maria, Aisha, Esker, Pavel
B Tier Lilia, Lorraine, Ophelia
C Tier Lewisia, Veronica

King’s Raid (Best Wizards for PvP)

S Tier Maria, Nyx, Pavel
A Tier Ophelia, Lilia
B Tier Artemia, Cleo, Lorraine
C Tier Veronica, Esker, Lewisia, Aisha

King’s Raid (Best Assassins for PvP)

S Tier Fluss, Mirianne
A Tier Erze, Laudia, Epis, Ezekiel
B Tier Nia, Reina

King’s Raid  (Best Knights for PvE)

S Tier Clause, Neraxis, Glenwys, Loman
A Tier Jane, Phillop, Sonia
B Tier Aselica, Morrah, Demia
C Tier Ricardo, Dosarta

King’s Raid (Best Knights for PvP)

C Tier Aselica, Clause, Glenwys, Morrah
A Tier Dosarta, Phillop, Sonia
B Tier Jane, Neraxis

Suggestions & guide for the new gamers

Below are some of the suggestions and guidelines that will be helpful for new gamers. The new gamers can increase the quality of their game by going through this guide.

Example of rewards

EXP and gold aficionados. Utilize the dual essential occasions on the weekend breaks which changes in between upper dungeon and royal vault.

Loot boosters apply to Conquests, normal battles, Upper Dungeon, ToC– collecting artefact pieces just.

The majority of the beneficial bundle: Daily Rubies.

What to use rubies on Costumes for building up the mileage to obtain a UW selector ticket from the shop (4000 gas mileage), resetting UD/stockade/forge stat. Costumes supply you gold/exp enthusiasts. Every one of the stack.

For the very first few weeks, focus on clearing the adventure/story setting. The Easy/Normal/Hard for the incentives. Chapter 1 offers you Provision, which is one of the very best PvE tanks in the game. Totally free.


As formerly pointed out, they provide you exp/gold boosts (relying on what outfit). The impacts stack. Generally, when Vespa releases a set of costumes, there is a 30% discount rate. As well as often, they bring the discount rate back.


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