Pan Card Status UTI Name and Date Of Birth 2019

What is a Pan Card?

Before we start proceeding to how to track UTI Pan card status, we must know what is a Pan Card. Permanent Account Number simply is known as Pan Card is a 10 digit unique code serves as an important identity proof for every individual in India.

It is given to them who pays tax. Since the GST scheme has launched the use of Pan Card has increased rapidly for financial purpose.

Transactions more than 5 lakhs won’t be possible without a Pan card. It is a computer-based method in which the data related to taxation is stored of every citizen of India who pays tax. Every Pan number is created such that it is very unique from one another.

The idea of launching the Pan Card in India was taken from the Social Security Number or SSN card that is used in the United States (US). But back then the major purpose of this nine-digit number was to track an individual for any criminal offence however it is now used for taxation purpose as well.

PAN card status UTI:

Paying the income tax for the betterment of the country is mandatory for all the salaried people and business people. This law is applicable only if the fall under the limitation of tax payments. In order to pay tax, and file tax returns, applying for PAN card is obligatory for all. After the application, it is needed to check out the status of the card. The responsibility to look after the matter of PAN cards are on UTI and NSDL. well, the status can be tracked online or offline.

Modes To Check UTI PAN Status

There are several ways to check UTI PAN Status. UTI PAN Status can be checked through UTI portal or NSDL web portal. Within the 15 working days, the ITD (Income tax department) proceeds the PAN card of the applicants. The aspirants will receive their cards at home through India Postal Service.

However, if anyone wants to check the status of UTI PAN, they can do it with these simple modes.



  • Online mode:

To check in this mode, applicants can accomplish the process buy using Reference/ Application Number or Name and Date of Birth. They can also use their PAN number.

  • Offline mode :

The NSDL Helpline number is always there to help the applicants.


  • Online mode:

Application Number/PAN Number will help the applicants to know the status.

  • Offline :

The mobile SMS service is there to know the status.


Steps to check the UTI PAN status:

If you want to check the status of your PAN card online. all you need to follow these simple steps to reach your goal.

  • Go to the UTI portal.
  • Put the Application Number or the PAN number.
  • Match the captcha code.
  • Click on “Submit” to proceed.
  • All the details are refined and the PAN Status is displayed.

UTI PAN status with SMS

If you want to check the status through your mobile you also can do this with some helpline numbers.You need to send the SMS with the registered mobile numbers along with the Aadhar number in the given format.

UIDPAN<12 digit Aadhar number><10 digit PAN Number>

Hope you are left with no confusion. Don’t forget to comment below.

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